Katsuya Watanabe

SF異世界ファンタジー 失われた七つの勾玉 あらすじはこちら

SF異世界ファンタジー 失われた七つの勾玉

SF異世界ファンタジー 続失われた七つの勾玉

SF異世界ファンタジー 続々失われた七つの勾玉

Kokoro meets Yu  30歳の年の差婚 苦境編


In “30 Years Old, 30 Years Different,” Yu, a high school teacher in his mid-50s, falls in love with a college student named Kokoro, whom he met by chance.

May and December Wedding(30歳の年の差婚)English version

30岁的年龄差婚姻(30歳の年の差婚)Chinese version










Kokoro,” a student at a local national university, is working for a modeling agency in Tokyo, aiming to become an idol. One day, she is late for her teaching practice and parks her car in a parking lot of an apartment near her school without permission.

When she returned to her car after the exercise, the police and the owner of the parking lot were waiting for her. She tries her best to explain the situation and apologize, but the renter refuses to forgive her. It was “Yu” who saved “Kokoro” from his predicament.

Later, the two meet again by chance and are unknowingly attracted to each other. The age difference between them is 30 years.

The age difference between them was as big as a parent and child, but it did not matter to them. Yuu had been working at a local public high school for more than 30 years and had lived a life without any inconvenience, but his encounter with Kokoro changed his life drastically.

Born in the Showa era (1926-1989), when he was five years away from retirement, “Yu” looked back on his life and asked himself if he could go on like this, and he felt something was missing.

Then, all of a sudden, “Kokoro” appears. What will happen to their relationship in this thrilling romantic comedy?

This is the first work by Katsuya Watanabe.







授業の役に立つAI読解法 アクティブラーニング講座




神さまの”いのち”とひとつになる: 小野善一郎 齋藤一人の言葉 神さまからの学び (自己啓発本)

国際ロマンス詐欺 brother


国際ロマンス詐欺 ~brother~3 (ドキュメンタリーノベル)










どちらもAmazon Kindleで反響がありました



An ordinary salaryman dreams of getting rich and ends up in a huge debt after being lured by a con man. He desperately wants money, so he believes the scammers’ words even though he knows they are dubious.

One after another, the scammers send the man emails. He responds to the scammers’ demands without consulting anyone.

As if stuck in a mire, he racks up debt after debt. Before he knew it, his total debt had reached tens of millions of yen.

The scammers sweet-talk the man into sending them money by telling him that he can get a large sum of money if he clears this section.

If he had consulted someone at some point, the situation might have been quite different.

The scammers manipulate his mind that he “wants money,” and take it from him. This is a novel based on a true story about a scam that could happen to anyone.

The book has received comments and reviews saying that it faithfully reproduces the real psychology that is never a person’s business.

Some said they would love for the police and other appropriate agencies to see it.

Both were echoed by Amazon Kindle!

We hope you will all give it a read!

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